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Providing metals recycling, scrap hauling and disposal services to the lower mainland for over a decade... 
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A&G Problem Solvers - Do you have a problem with a warehouse, home, or new residence in need of repairs, maintenance or maybe a good once over just to spruce it up?

We have some solutions if you do...

Warehouse Maintenance and Supplies

Waste pallets, cardboard, metal and rubbish pile up regularly when you run an industrial or commercial operation. Lights need to be fixed, pigeons displaced and ladders climbed every month to keep up with the ordinary problems that need solving...

... we can do that. 

Pallet racking gets bent and needs to be replaced... A storm hits and part of the roof lifts up... The power fails and a whole shift is left standing around. When this happens you can get quotes from the yellow pages or call those you know for a solution...

Residential Services

Home owners know... every place leaks, breaks and gets cluttered up - fences fall down, concrete splits and paints fade away... Most homes deteriorate because of water, weather and neglect.

... we can fix that.

A home should be painted, waterproofed and cleaned once over regularly - just like a fine tuned automobile, it operates best when cared for. A nice lawn, fruit trees and a clean driveway take hours and days to maintain...

... we can do that.

Commercial / Industrial

Power washing, painting, waterproofing, site clean ups and rubbish removal...

... we do that too. 

Call 604-710 3483 for a free quote or a walk through of your operation to see where and how we can help out.

Usually we can consolidate and handle a number of tasks, saving you money by bundling our services to you.

Power Generators - If you need a power source for your mining, forestry or in-house operations, we have solutions for you.

Call 604 710-3483 to consult on your power needs.

We can supply you with a wide range of Power Generators and rebuilt engines manufactured right here in the lower mainland.

Industrial Engines Ltd., Vulcan Automotive and Pacific Reman Center are established businesses that remain leaders in their fields and western Canada.

Whatever your Power needs, we have the contacts and expertise to bring you what you need.

Telephone: 604-710-3483 for an in-depth quote and consultation of what you need.

Warehouse Supplies and Services

Our customers run warehouses. Some new, some old. Both need repairs and regular monthly servicing to keep up with the wear and tear of industry.

Most companies pay retail prices to a bunch of different businesses to handle expenses like wood removal, used pallets, scrap metal, junk cardboard and rubbish removal every month. Electricians, painters, landscapers and handy men are hired every year to fix up something or other, once it breaks, fails or falls down.

We combine a network of services to manage the entire back end of warehousing production. We can sort load and haul away your waste, repair water and weather damage, power wash, paint and spruce up your building's interior, exterior and yard.

Discounts are standard for our clients - Call three yellow pages ads and compare their prices against our quotes. We will range 10 - 35% less than the others or work out a new approach that best suites your time frame and budget - bringing you a custom tailored approach to your particular needs.

Call 604 710-3483 for a quick walk through, consultation and quote.

By recycling materials and using our industry contacts, we can reduce contractor rates and get discounts in your favour on almost any project or series of jobs you require.

Why pay retail pricing on bin rentals, disposal, electrical, and plumbing services?



100% up to $750

If you need a problem solved, we have a solution!


call us at 604-710-3483 to inquire about our current line of services and products for sale.

"A network is the sum of it's parts."

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Warehouse services and HOME REPAIRS
Do you need...
Fence repairs, painting or other home repairs?
Rubbish removal or a yard clean up? 

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