Initial stages of the mess. Out front and entry way. Ditches full, no access to front door even.

From front to back and along the side, wet couches, mattresses, furniture, debris and piles of wood scattered about.

Yard waste, mattresses, vinyl siding and brambles on top of hidden concrete and wood concealing broken glass, drywall crumblings and junk up front by entryway.

Nearly a bin's worth of wood reaching back 25 - 30 feet, about 7 foot tall and 12 feet wide - plus broken glass hid in ditch once we'd dug down enough.

Broken glass everywhere. Sheet glass, window glass and auto glass - enough to fill up two truck loads and another half load when we were done - All hidden - over 2 tons disposed of for free other than labour - savings - $200-$250 disposal fees at the dump.

We had to rake up and fill buckets with glass. Transport to truck, dump and repeat, skimming junk and rubbish out of the mix.

We filled 2 40 yard bins after hauling close to the same away with the trucks and trailer - Separating out the wood, concrete, drywall etc. for proper disposal..

This is what we had to deal with once we pulled up all the wood and got rid of it. Front yard, side walkway (was full) and back end of driveway.

The trailer was full of wood - we emptied it and then broke it down for the scrap yard. We emptied the ditch and cleared the back patio.


There's concrete everywhere. We pulled it out of the ditch, uncovered it from brush piles, plus the original pile from my first estimate/quote visible out back.

There's probably 10 yards - aprox $1000 worth of concrete still in the yard - about 5 tons worth in these pictures all together. Some we put along the fence and some we moved back in the yard and added to existing piles.

Now we get to see the place clean. From driving up to the front yard, walking into the entryway, down along the house and into the back yard. Whew. That feels good..

Front entry, back patio and back yard fence area are clear - fence is broken and could be fixed. Note the pile of concrete in the shade at the back.

The back 40 acres is full of old planters, sheds and overgrown, but cleaned up of all debris, grow-op items, hoses and paraphenalia.

More of the same, plus a nice pic of the only really grassy area on the property...

Between the sheds out back and the house is a landscaped area that's been overgrown for years and a walkway that goes around the house by the back patio. It used to be nice and could be again with a few days of ripping out the old stuff and keeping anything still good to flourish.

More walkway way around the side and up to the front. A few nice flowering plants still mixed in with the chaffe.

And we're done. Back out the front, past the ditch and on our way.