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Providing metals recycling, scrap hauling and disposal services to the lower mainland for over a decade... 
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Telephone: 604 710-3483

Wood Disposal - If you end up with wood waste, we can dispose of the problem!

Plywood, old pallets, boards and 2x4s can all be recycled and put back into the manufacturing and transportation industries.

We regularly offer disposal discounts on full truck loads of pallets, boards and re-usable wood.

Up to 50% off the regular disposal rates.

Our commercial division serves manufacturers and warehouse operators from Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond to Annacis Island, Delta and Surrey. Generally, our clients pay 20 - 35% less for their commercial disposal costs simply because we know how and where to most effectively recycle their waste materials generated every month.

Rates are negotiable based on volume, weight and regularity of service. Call us at 604 710-3483.


Pallet Recycling - Why pay retail to dispose of your old, used pallets?

We haul old pallets and wood waste away for a lot less than the competition. Call 604 710-3483 

Flat decks, pick ups, bins, or trailers - we have them all at our disposal!


- $20 per cubic yard for a full truck load (18 or 30 yards) of mixed materials, rubbish and miscellaneous junk - no hazardous wastes
- $150 - $300 per truck load for pallet loads, construction waste, lumber and 2x4s

Bin Services

- $375 for a 40 yard wood bin  - up to $550 for a 40 yard rubbish bin

Hourly Rates

- $40 to $60/hour for commercial, hauling, delivery and clean up services

Remember - Up to 20% or 35% off if negotiated on volume and/or regularity.

References - BCCM, Vulcan Automotive, Commonwealth Holdings, Vancouver Core Supply, BC Box Company, Forklift, Sleep Country Canada.

Most competitive rates and on-time service.

Used Auto Parts and Repair Services

To have your auto body, parts supply or engine repair company listed here, please contact us at

"A network is the sum of it's parts."

Ralph's Used Auto & Truck Parts 

- 6 locations to serve you

One of the oldest and most respected used auto parts suppliers locally, Ralph's sets a benchmark for others to follow in the recycled parts industry.

Vancouver Core Supply

- Engines, automotive cores and small parts supplier.

"Vancore" has a huge selection of engine cores, cranks, heads or any of a hundred small parts needed to fix, rebuild or restore your old car, truck or min-van. Call Craig at 604 543-0880 to ask for what you need.

If you need a problem solved, we have a solution!


call us at 604-710-3483 to inquire about our current line of services and products for sale.

Serving the Greater Vancouver Regional Districts
Surrey, Delta, Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Chilliwack and more...





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Warehouse services and HOME REPAIRS
Do you need...
Fence repairs, painting or other home repairs?
Rubbish removal or a yard clean up? 

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