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Providing metals recycling, scrap hauling and disposal services to the lower mainland for over a decade... 
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Poker Sites - Over 100 online poker rooms are trying to get you to play on their site.

Which ones can you trust for quick payouts, regular bonuses and high stakes free-rolls?

Here are 5 sites that my friends and I play on just because they honor their bonus payouts, have easy to use site layouts and access to information, and they supply a steady flow of ring games, sit and go tournaments, and high stakes free rolls for me to play.

100% up to $750

Poker Clubs and Rooms

Not too big and not too small... these sites have a community where you often know some of the other players at your table and how they play. Some folks you'll even like enough to chat a bit or hook up with weekly for a ring game or tournament.

You can get valuable, first hand information from others at the table about the best paying free-rolls or bonus deals offered on that particular site.

Poker Communities have an added bonus to new players in that they host regular tournaments of their own on various host sites. You sign up with for example and every day there are free tournaments - bigger ones weekly and monthly, that you can play just by being a member (I'll often top up my account with a final table finish for $50 to $150 bucks for free thanks to them).

Bonus Money

Poker sites offer a deposit bonus of up to 100% when you first deposit money into your poker account.

As an incentive to play on their site it looks good, but getting that bonus into your account is not as easy as just downloading the software and making a deposit. You MUST play enough raked hands for them to afford to give some back to you as your bonus.

Every poker room deals differently with how and when they release your bonus to you. The best sites will give you chunks of your bonus as you play. The trick is to not bust your account and go broke before any of it is released, plus you need to play at high enough stakes that you end up paying rake to the poker site.

If you play 3 hours at a .05/.10 cent table you get a lot less bonus points than if you spend 30 minutes at a .25/.50 cent table. Playing below 25/50 cent tables your rake is so small it hardly matters.


Free-rolls are a standard marketing strategy for any online poker site. Some however, spend way more money on free-roll advertising than other forms, which puts most of the marketing money in the pocket of the players... not the pay per click programs or other print and online marketers.

A sure fire way to build an online poker site is to give 90% of your marketing dollars back to the players in your own rooms - it then gets spent at home, and then put 10% towards other forms of outside marketing to bring in new blood.

Such sites make for high paying free-rolls for fewer people instead of the 1000 player tables you find at Party Poker and the other mammoth sites with small payouts spread very thin every hour.

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A & G Problem Solvers

Contact us today for a quick quote on any project you have coming up. Usually we can consolidate and handle a number of tasks, saving you money by bundling our services to you.

Our customers run warehouses. Some new, some old. Both need repairs and regular monthly servicing to keep up with the wear and tear of industry.

Most companies pay retail prices to a bunch of different companies to handle expenses like wood removal, used pallets, scrap metal, junk cardboard and rubbish removal every month. Electricians, painters, landscapers and handy men are hired every year to fix up something or other, once it breaks, fails or falls apart.

We combine a network of services to manage the entire back end of warehousing production. We sort, load and haul away your waste, repair water and weather damage, power wash, paint and spruce up your building's interior, exterior and yard.

Discounts are standard for our clients - Call three yellow pages ads and compare their prices against our quotes. We will range 10 - 35% less than the others or work out a new approach that best suits your time frame and budget - bringing you a custom tailored approach to your unique circumstances.

Call 604 710-3483 for a quick walk through, consultation and quote.

By recycling materials and using our industry contacts, we can reduce contractor rates and get discounts in your favour on almost any project or series of jobs you need done.

Why pay retail pricing on bin rentals, disposal, and contractor services?

If you need a problem solved, we have a solution!


call us at 604-710-3483 to inquire about our current line of services and products for sale.

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A & G Problem Solvers
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Warehouse services and HOME REPAIRS
Do you need...
Fence repairs, painting or other home repairs?
Rubbish removal or a yard clean up? 

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