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Providing metals recycling, scrap hauling and disposal services to the lower mainland for over a decade... 
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13 Auto Parts & Hauling Services

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Rubbish & Junk Removal - Why pay top dollar to dispose of your unwanted goods?

 1800GOTJUNK charges more than local junk haulers and has now set the rates high for everyone.

We HAUL FOR LESS than all the competition in the Lower Mainland. 

$20 dollars per cubic yard - our trucks haul 18 yards and 30 yards when full. You can ask for a 10% discount on large volume and multiple load jobs.

$60 minimum - for anyone to show up, you'll have to pay a minimum fee to cover gas, time and wages for the truck.

$200-$300 per Truck Load - Certain materials can be recycled or disposed of at less than the normal dump fee. Depending on the weight, volume and type of materials to be hauled away, we can sometimes charge 1/2 to 1/3 of what others will charge.

$40 -$60 per hour - to rent our truck and driver for part or all of a day.

Call 604-710-3483 to set up an time or get a quote for us to HAUL FOR LESS.

Scrap Car Removal - Trucks, junk cars and old mini vans can all be recycled. 

Each week, over 500 junk cars and scrap trucks are wrecked - picked up by independent operators and taken to the scrap yard for disposal and recycling.

13 Auto Parts puts scrap cars, junk trucks and mini vans back into the system - we remove the fluids, test and pull reusable items and dispose of the remains unless the car can be diagnosed, fixed and reset for sale.

Free pick up on most vehicles from Tsawassen, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Chilliwack and most other municipalities in the lower mainland.

We'll even pay a $20 - $50 bounty on some cars and junk trucks with working used parts or aluminum tire rims.

From Surrey, Delta and Vancouver to North Vancouver, Coquitlam and Langley, We travel the lower mainland to recycle your old stuff!

Call 604 710-3483 24 hours a day to arrange a pick up

Parts List, Cars, trucks and mini vans ---*--- get a quote on free scrap metal recycling.

Scrap Metal and Junk Car Recycling - Aluminum, copper, wire, and ferrous metals, We want them all - FREE scrap car pick up - We pay $$$ for bulk loads

We haul away transmissions, engines, starters, alternators, bumpers and other scrap car parts. If you run an automotive repair or auto body shop, we can dispose of the weekly scrap metal build up on a regular basis.

 With regular routes and schedules, it is easy to add your location to our list of pick ups and have your scrap metal hauled away for free.

If you have a scrap minivan, junk car or old truck to be hauled away, we haul it away for free. Large appliances like washers, dryers, freezers and fridges can be disposed of for a small fee.

Call us any time 7 days a week at 604 710-3483 to arrange for your scrap metal or junk car removal.

13 Auto Parts runs regularly to Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam and other municipalities out as far as Ladner, Langley, Tsawassen and Abbotsford.

Want to haul it yourself? Click here for a list of local scrap yards across the lower mainland.


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