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Providing metals recycling, scrap hauling and disposal services to the lower mainland for over a decade... 
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13 Auto Parts & Hauling Services

Serving the Greater Vancouver Regional Districts
Surrey, Delta, Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Chilliwack and more...

604 710-3483   -   604 780-5666

Scrap Car, Truck and Minivan Removal

Free pick up on most vehicles from Surrey, New Westminster, Richmond and most other municipalities in the lower mainland.

Each week, over 500 cars and trucks are wrecked, picked up by independent operators and taken to the scrap yard for disposal.

13 Auto Parts puts scrap cars, trucks and mini vans back into the system - we remove all fluids, test and pull reusable items and dispose of the remains unless the car can be diagnosed, fixed and reset for sale.

Call 604 710-3483 - 24 hours a day to arrange a pick up or email removal@13autoparts.com

View our Parts List, see our Cars, trucks and mini vans for resale or get a quote on free metals recycling.

If you need a problem solved, we have a solution!

call us at 604-710-3483 or 604-780-5666 to inquire about our current line of services and products for sale.